Small Groups

Connecting with the local community of believers in Christ sustains life change, fosters accountability, and is essential to spiritual growth. Small Groups are the family in Bonavista Baptist Church. This is the primary avenue for a deeper connection to this local body. It is in a Small Group that you form the meaningful relationships needed during times of celebration and crisis, as well as the accountability necessary for sustained life change. In addition, participating in a Small Group is one of the best tools for outreach and evangelism. You can look through our various Small Groups below and sign up for one that's right for you!

BBC Men's Group

Wednesday @6pm

Bill & Janice Small Group

Tuesdays @ 7:00pm

Boris & Ielena Small Group

Thursdays @ 7:00pm

Elaine & Charles Small Group

Thursdays @ 7:00pm

George Small Group

Thursdays @ 2:00pm

Robert Small Group

Tuesdays @ 7:00pm

Tuesday Women's Group

Tuesdays @ 9:00am

Wednesday Women's Group

Wednesdays @ 1:00pm

Women's Bible Study

Thursdays @ 7:00pm