Identity Statement Resources

A. Introduction

Please take fifteen minutes to read and view all the resources in this section.

1. Letter from the Elders

Dear Bonavista Baptist Church Family,

Through January to April the Bonavista Baptist Church community will be engaging in conversations around the approved CBWC Identity Statement and the associated motions to be voted on at the CBWC June 2023 Assembly and their implications for BBC. The Identity Statement with the marriage definition has led to divisions in the CBWC and its churches regarding church autonomy and discipline plus questions about the place of LGBTQ+ people in our churches. We at BBC need to come to an understanding of where we stand on these matters so we have a clear voice with the CBWC and our broader culture as well as for our own clarity as a faith community.

To assist our congregational learning and discussion, we have assembled a list of resources and videos including material from Emmanuel Baptist’s of Saskatoon “Community Conversations” on the topics of church association and autonomy, sexuality and the church, and LGBTQ+ stories. Also included are links to resources assembled by CBWC staff. These resources have been assembled to help us in our conversations and prepare our community to vote at an April congregational meeting on the CBWC motions that will be presented at the June 2023 CBWC Assembly. As Bonavista follows a congregational governance model, the Board of Elders and Pastor Scott wish to seek the direction of the congregation on how our delegates attending the 2023 Assembly are to vote on the CBWC motions. We wish to express our thanks to Emmanuel Baptist of Saskatoon for sharing their resources with us.

A confidential and anonymous survey will be sent out in early February to help the Board and Pastor Scott learn about your views on the identity statement, CBWC’s forthcoming motions and the LGBTQ+ issues.

Meeting dates are Feb. 21 at 7:00 pm, March 25 at 10:00am, and April 25 at 7:00pm which will be a congregational meeting to vote on the CBWC motions. Please note these dates and we hope you will attend.

The Board of Elders

Jan 26/2023


2. Invitation from Senior Pastor Scott Simpson


3. Explanatory Video from CBWC Executive Minister Rob Ogilvie

B. CBWC Resources

This section contains essential information for our Congregational Conversations.
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C. Video Resources

These videos, courtesy of Emmanuel Baptist in Saskatoon, offer various perspectives and insights on issues raised by the Identity Statement.

1. Perspectives on LGBTQ+ Inclusion – Cal Malena and Gordon T. Smith



2. Local Church Autonomy Conversation – Colin Godwin and Ken Bellous


3. CBWC Q&A Session – Loralyn Lind, Rob Ogilvie and Mark Doerksen


D. Additional Resources

This section provides a curated reading list and some additional videos to watch if you wish to do further exploration.
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1. CBWC Recommended Resources and Reading list


2. Personal Stories – Wesley Hill and Beth Carlson-Malena



3. Justin Lee & Preston Sprinkle Dialogue